Author of Light
Music and Lyrics by Ray Hix
2012 Ray Hix

Author of Light

Verse 1
The multitudes believe the dream, your vision stands alone.
You break the spell, create anew, your light is finely honed.
Lit with love and sparkling joy, you set the space that you enjoy; stand up.

As ancient truths arise in you, forever newly born,
The changeless in the heart of change, larger than the scorn.
Choose the light and heaven bends, to bless your sight with Love's pure lens; stand up.

Hold up your heart,
Take on the light,
Stand for your glory,
Light in the night.

Sound your soul's note,
Purposely bright,
Memories of heaven,
Author of Light.

Verse 2
The music of your soul lights up the field and guides your way.
Crystal Beings play frequencies, they play your golden ray.
Orchestrated codes ignite, you train your world to hold your light; stand up.

All the grace of healing has been given you to give.
Reveal the fragile nature of the chains in which we live.
You give your gift to make it yours, a brilliant light above the shores; stand up.

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
In gratitude the innocent release for their release,
Wisdom from the Source of Love, you choose your inner peace.
Release the past within the now, move on, fulfill your sacred vow; stand up.

Invoke the sacred patterns, long embedded in your heart.
A bridge to Love that clears the fog, you gladly play your part.
Timeless thoughts, eternal being, a holy space, evoke their seeing; stand up.

(Repeat Chorus)

The Lyrics:
The lyrics to "Author of Light" are my attempt to emulate Jon Anderson's (the lead singer for Yes) poetry-based style of colorfully pointing at ideas, or suggesting themes - without clearly defining them. So rather than tell stories, or deliver a message, Jon's lyrics help you get out of your head, and more fully experience music as the language of God - rather than merely using music to elevate the language of humans. I wanted to try that.

However, rather than be as abstract as Jon can get with his lyrics, I decided to create lyrics that would speak to and inspire the students and clients I have worked with over the years, who are dedicated to their own spiritual growth.
In this song I was trying to find a balance of lyrics that were both poetic, and also pointed to or hinted at spiritual truths.
Some of these lyrics are deliberately vague in meaning; I don't want them to be too clearly defined so that they can stimulate unique insights or messages for each listener.

As I was writing these lyrics, I kept thinking about conversations I've had with my students over the years, and how they will recognize and appreciate the insights and descriptions. Although I wrote these lyrics to speak specifically to my students, they ended up speaking to me. They describe my path, and inspire me when I allow myself to feel their message.

This is a song to encourage and inspire people on a spiritual path in knowing and feeling that their soul's purpose is valid, and that they are valid as they live and express their higher purpose.
The underlying communication for this song is:
Own your Spiritual Knowing; Fulfill Your Purpose; Live as a Master!

The Music:
The 1:30 minute instrumental introduction to this song was inspired by Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. Pink Floyd were masters at building drama and tension over very slow, simple chords. I seem to have neither their ability to play quite so slow (tempo-wise), nor the patience to take as long to let the section build and develop; and yet, in my mind, this section was inspired by them.

The synth chords that open the "song" part of the music came to me while trying out a synthesizer at Guitar Center. Once again I kept thinking: Oh please remember this when I get home!
You might recognize a bit of a Jethro Tull influence in my acoustic guitar for the vocals. Of course, once I add everything else to the song, that influence tends to be less obvious.

I like this chorus; I feel it is uplifting both melodically and lyrically. I am also very pleased with my Lead Guitar work throughout this song.

This song features Gabrielle (a studio singer) on lead vocals, with Tom Gawecke (my friend) singing harmony. All instruments are by Ray Hix.

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