Break Out
Music and Lyrics by Ray Hix

Break Out
2015 Ray Hix

Verse 1
You're a part of me.
You're a part of me that makes my life complete.
I got love for you,
You got love for me,
We got all we need for life.

All of me, and all of you, unite to be, in ecstasy.

Take a little time to smell a rose
Do a little dance and strike a pose
Sing a little song that no one knows
Have some fun
Break out!

Come along with me let's have some fun
Let me know you feel that I'm the One
Radiate our love just like the sun
Get your groove on

All of me, and all of you, unite to be, in ecstasy.

Verse 2
I have fun with you.
I have so much fun in all the things we do.
I have fun with you.
You have fun with me.
We have so much fun with life.

(Repeat Bridge, Chorus, Bridge)

The Lyrics:
The lyrics are pretty simple. There's no hidden meaning. It's basically just a guy happy to be in love with his woman. But rather than a tear-jerker type of love, this is a fun, upbeat, grateful expression of feeling good.

The Music:
This is a Jazz/Funk/Fusion tune in a 7/8 time signature. My younger self came up with the chords for the Verse and Bridge many years ago. It wasn't until around 2015 that I came up the chords for the Chorus, and the vocal melody and Lyrics.
Check out my Guitar feature about 3 minutes in!
Chris sang the Lead Vocal. I did all of the instruments on this tune.

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