Come Alive
Music and Lyrics by Ray Hix

Come Alive
©2012 by Ray Hix

Verse 1
Star light, and the moon.
The sound of our voices and the wind, is all we feel.
Morning, so far away.
The worries of the day don't belong here, they don't seem real.

Bridge 1
Looks like everything could fit,
We could make the most of it,
Why not have it be a hit?
Come on baby this is it!

We can rise up from the pit,
Only takes a little wit,
Now is not the time to quit,
Celebrate our lives are lit!

Come alive!
Our love is the answer,
Come alive!
Our heart is the dancer,
Come alive!
Let go, sweet surrender,
Come alive!
Let life come to life!

Verse 2
Your love, feels like I'm home,
Something inside me comes alive, when I'm with you.
Your light, brightens my day,
The joy in your smile sparkles light on all I do.

Bridge 2
Who can say where this will go,
We could write our own hit show.
Others only claim to know,
But we're the ones who say what's so.

Maybe we can choose to grow,
Open up a whole new flow.
Countless blessings to bestow,
Waiting for your word to go.

(Repeat Chorus)

(Guitar Feature)

(Chorus Out)

The Music:
I came up with the main synth chords (for the Chorus and the opening of the song) while I was trying out some synthesizers at Guitar Center. I came across this one patch (synthesizer sound) that just sounded so cool, I spontaneously blurted out these chords. I drove home thinking "Oh please let me remember this!"

I called my friend Christopher Patton to help me with a jingle project I was offered. He suggested the "bridge" chords to compliment my verse and chorus. Since it was supposed to be a musical bed underneath the spoken copy, I didn't bother with a melody.

Years later, I realized that I really liked this music, and maybe I should write a melody for it. I used a technique I call "sing that song." Basically, you just set up a microphone to record your voice, start the play back of whatever instruments you have recorded, and then step up to the mic and sing the song as if it already exists. You may or may not get usable lyrics, but it's a good way to get melodies.
Out of my mouth came "Star light, and the moon…"

Unfortunately, this song remained incomplete until 2012, when I finally came up with the rest of the lyrics I needed, and created the guitar parts that were missing.

I did all of the instruments on this track, while Gabrielle (a studio singer) did both the lead and backing vocals. This was a major completion for me to finally have this song recorded.

The Lyrics:
At first listen, these lyrics can sound like another romantic hook up invitation; but I was actually coming from a deeper place than that in writing the lyrics.
I think these lyrics originally came in response to one of my previous girlfriends. I used to date a woman who lived a 45 minute drive away from me. There were many times I would drive there enthusiastically, looking forward to seeing her, and to my dismay, she would virtually make up a problem that to me, did not exist. I had a sense of frustration, a feeling like our special time together was being wasted. The part of me that really wanted to "go for it" just wanted to call her back to the celebration. I just felt like there was so much potential for us to explore together, that it seemed like a travesty to distract ourselves with nonsense.

Later, in my counseling sessions with others, and in the seminars I lead, I witnessed a lot of people reacting with fear and trepidation when facing the possibility of deep love and intimacy. It's not uncommon for people to manufacture reasons to not go for it.

So really, this is a song about emotional courage - choosing to live life full out, embracing love, embracing intimacy, and trusting in your ability to navigate both the good and the bad.

This song is for inspiring the commitment to embrace and fully enjoy life's blessings, appreciating now, enjoying now, and trusting that by extracting maximum enjoyment from the moment, you are helping to create your highest future. This song is about choosing to live magnificently - to come alive!

Ideally, I hope you can use this song to get in touch with your own commitment to live life magnificently, and fortify that commitment within yourself.

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