Dissonance of Lights
Music and Lyrics by Ray Hix

Dissonance of Lights
©2015 Ray Hix

Verse 1
Oh so far away, thereís a song, they play
Sounds that light the way, beacon home, new day
Breathe Celestial light, reaching up, flowing out
Join the Spiritís flow, brightest light, move about

Tired eyes upon you pleading, for the light that they need
Feel their heartís desire buried, no Intent to succeed

Consciously you shape your light, while others make reactions right
Feel their hidden gripping fear, their disconnected fragments fight
Conscious Light confronts chaos, the Clashing Dissonance of Lights

Verse 2
Music calls me home, heavenís door, ecstasy
Symphonies of light, clear the path, clearing me
Wisdom straight from Source, highest choice, brightest ray
Forward in the Light, live the love, light the way

Bridge 2
Stagnant patterns stuck repeating, no one sees theyíre frozen
Clouds obscure the fear-based cycle, hide the path not chosen

Chorus 2
Bathe transforming sheets of light, the birth of Love lifts you away
Light-filled patterns lift your heart, expanding love that clears the way
Radiate symphonic light, Reveal your soul, and heal the world

The Lyrics:
This is a song about walking the Earth as a spiritual master, from the perspective of the master. After many years of practice and training, the master has learned to establish a highly refined energy field. Although the master experiences a very rich and fulfilling inner world, she experiences a "clash of wills" when interacting with people who do not share her commitment to enlightenment.
So the lyrics describe both the beauty of the Master's inner light, and the Master's experience of those with a commitment to avoid growth.
None of these lyrics are meant to be judgmental, they simply describe a phenomenon; but the master is committed to navigate the phenomenon in love.

The Music:
This is a Jazz/Funk/Rock Fusion groove in a 7/4 time signature. My younger self came up with the Chords and Bass for the Verse and Bridge many years ago -- as well as the Bass for the Chorus. It wasn't until around 2015 that I came up the Chords for the Chorus, and the complete Vocal Melody and Lyrics.
This features Sara on Lead Vocal. I did all of the instruments on this tune. Check out my Violin and Guitar features!

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