Praise Me
Music and Lyrics by Ray Hix

Praise Me
2014 Ray Hix

Verse 1
I enter the room as this fascinating creature;
should be obvious to all, that I'm the one you feature.
Instead of clamoring 'round, to celebrate this gem,
they blather on and on as if it's all about them!

Praise Me!
Lay it on thick!
Don't be a dick, just Get to it quick!
and make sure it sticks,
Praise Me!

Verse 2
You've been yammering on about stuff that don't concern me.
For over 15 seconds I've been listening patiently.
You'd better hurry up and readjust your focus,
'cause drifting from my interest is just jibber-jabber bogus.

(Repeat Chorus)

How can they all drift so aimlessly?
Why must I direct them back to me?
Seems to me they could show empathy.
Why don't they stop acting cluelessly?

Verse 3
I try to speed you up to leave the zone that is dead,
But you don't get the hint; it's full mosey ahead!
You're wasting precious seconds no attention on me,
I hope you're somehow leading to a flattery spree!

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 4
You actually have the nerve to suggest I improve
Admiration interrupted, jars me out of my groove
I'm now compelled to point out all the great things I do,
Until you praise my goodness I'm not listening to you!

(Repeat Chorus)

The Lyrics:
The lyrics for this song are a humorous way to have fun taking some playful jabs at cluelessly self-absorbed behavior. Most of the lyrics were inspired by someone close to me; one verse I made up just to complete the song.
My friends and family really enjoy singing along with this song, and acting out the lyrics with lively arm gestures. I think I've tapped into a condition that is far more universal than I realized.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song.

The Music:
Because of the funny nature of the lyrics, I initially assumed that the music might be in a more frivolous, dominant seventh musical feel. But as I started playing this Amin7 chord pattern with it, the music started evolving into a really nice minor groove.
I did all of the instruments on this tune. Michelle (a studio singer) absolutely nailed the vocals. This song and her voice are a perfect match.

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