The Positive Song
Music and Lyrics by Ray Hix

The Positive Song
2018 Ray Hix

Verse 1
Lifting above
Soaring beyond
Feeling the Bliss of Love's Joy
Thriving well-being

Gracefully carried
Floating along becoming Light

Verse 2
I love, I love, I love, I love you
A bubbling Joy moves all through me
Gracefully in the flow
So many angels here to help me break through

A lifting Light for me
Serenity and satisfaction

So gracefully Lucky all the time

Verse 3
Thrive, thriving in Love
Laughter that flows and grows
Going with the flow and having fun
Ooh, cherished, embraced and loved

So gratefully open, all is good
Delightfully pleasing me

Another chance to Gracefully Flourish

Verse 4
Open Hearts are shining creativity
Bubbles of Laughter and Joy
Creative ideas shine brightly
You're held in Divine Light, so tenderly

I look around and all I see is Love
Effervescent Joy, embracing

You're letting your soul shine brightly through you
Pure gratitude inside, I open more

Verse 5
Even more Love
Even more Joy
Radiate blessings all day
Sharing the Light

Laughing and Playful
Happiness fills up all I am

Charge the field you wear with chosen light

The Lyrics:
This song was inspired by a psychological experiment. Some college students were split into two groups, and each group was given a list of words to memorize. They were told it was a memory test. One group was given a list consisting of words that described the aging process and various conditions of illness. The other group got a list that simply contained "positive" words.

After they had time to study their lists, the students were told to leave the room they were in, and go down the hall to another room where they would be tested to see how much they remembered. However, the real experiment was to observe (through cameras) any differences in how the students walked down the hall; they wanted to see if spending time with those words had any impact on how they function.

The students that memorized the list of words about aging and illness walked down the hall slower, with more of a slouch, gloomier expressions, and a noteworthy lack of energy.
The students that memorized the list of positive words walked down the hall with a noticeable spring in their step, with happier expressions on their faces, and an obvious vitality that was missing from the other group.

My take-away is this: hanging out with positive thoughts generates positive energy, and enhances well-being. Hanging out with negative thoughts reduces well-being. This gave me an idea: why don't I write a song that just has positive thoughts? Rather then preach or teach or coach or tell a story, these are just positive ideas to be with - and benefit from.

So these lyrics are not really affirmations per se, there's no story, no message, no lesson to learn; it's not really even coaching for living better. They are just thoughts or ideas that most of us would consider positive.

And to enhance the positive ideas, to help people tolerate so much positivity, I wanted to write beautiful melodies to help make the positive ideas enjoyable to be with.

As I was writing these, I knew I had a good one if it made me laugh. If it's so ridiculously and outrageously positive that it makes me laugh at how positive it is, that is probably a healthy energy to submerse our minds and emotions in; it's just "good energy" to resonate with.

The Music:
This is a gentle, peaceful piece. I only used Harp and Steel String Acoustic Guitar.
This features Sara on Lead Vocal. I did both of the instruments on this tune.

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