With You
Music and Lyrics by Ray Hix

With You
1984 Ray Hix

Verse 1
With you I unite in the splendor of life.
With you I can be all I am.
With you I can give and receive what I give.
With you my heart opens to life.

and when I look at you my soul knows I'm not alone.
Your heart calls out to be at one with mine.
Your love so tenderly consumes my fear.
You've opened the door that was closed on my own.

Verse 2
With you I can bathe in the love that we share.
With you I have nowhere to go.
With you what shows up is the fact that I care.
With you I am able to know.

(Repeat Chorus)

(Violin Feature; Acoustic Guitar Feature)

(Repeat Both Verses and Choruses)

The Lyrics:
You may have heard spiritual talk about "seeing God in each other." I decided to write lyrics that were such a choice for conscious love, that they could be sung both to your loved one and to God; as if you were consciously relating to your loved one as a doorway into God.

I wanted to write some lyrics that reflect a choice for enlightened love, that come from a "more masterful relating" perspective. These lyrics are a reminder to avoid numbing out with each other, and to keep creating a "higher love" - staying present, full-out open heart, seizing the moment and choosing the blessings that are available together. Naturally, I would need to avoid any kind of: victim, clingy, possessive, winy, begging, or "this isn't it" lyrics. This was my first attempt at writing more spiritual lyrics.

The Music:
This was an experiment for writing in a kind of jazz/funk/Latin/fusion style.
This song has Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Violin and Vocals. I am using the original tracks from an early recording; I managed to transfer them from an old 8-channel reel to reel tape, into the computer where I could remix them. The Drums and percussion on the tape were unusable, so I added new drums for this version.

This song features Lawanda Bragg (a former band member) on lead vocals. All instruments are by Ray Hix.

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