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The Songs in the Player are:

Song 2 Shamanka Blessing
Enlightened women channel gifts of light over a fusion of musical styles.
Lou Rhodes (from the UK band "Lamb") on lead vocals. Briget Boyle (from the vocal group "Kitka") leads the harmony vocals.
Avanna and Blue fill out the rest of the harmony vocals. All instruments by Ray Hix. 

Song 3 Break Out
A guy happy to be in love, featuring Chris on vocals. All instruments by Ray Hix. 

Song 4 Author of Light
Poetic observations on the spiritual path, featuring Gabrielle on lead vocals, with my friend Tom Gawecke singing harmony.
All instruments by Ray Hix. (There's about a minute and a half Instrumental introduction before the vocals begin.)

Song 5 Dissonance of Lights
This is a song about walking the Earth as a spiritual master, from the perspective of the master.
Featuring: vocals by Sara; all instruments by Ray Hix. 

Song 6 Moon Dance
This is my arrangement of that timeless classic, Moon Dance, by Van Morrison. Featuring: vocals by Lisa Rankin; guitar and violin by Ray Hix. 

Song 7 Come Alive
An invitation to "go for it" in relationship, featuring Gabrielle on all vocals. All instruments by Ray Hix.

Song 8 Praise Me
A humorous look at self-absorbed behavior, featuring Michelle on vocals. All instruments by Ray Hix. 

Song 9 With You
Appreciating the spiritual gift your partner provides, featuring Lawanda Bragg on lead vocals. The backing vocals are still in demo mode. All instruments by Ray Hix.



I had never released an album of my music before, so naturally, as I began to get a collection of updated recordings, I wanted to complete enough music for an album. 

After having these tunes lie dormant and neglected for so many years, to finally bring a collection of them to life felt like a real breakthrough for me. Hence the title of my first album: "Breakthrough."

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To my surprise, as I re-submersed myself in music, I started to bring through new ideas; ideas that were good enough to compliment and complete some of my previous compositions.
So while it was a breakthrough for me to be able to improve and complete recordings of music that I used to perform, I went beyond that and started to write some new music from scratch. I entered a state of functioning called “momentum.”  
While I have played most of the music from the Breakthrough album in various bands I was in, most of the music from Momentum has never been performed before. 

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"This Too Shall Rock!"

To avoid burn-out from working too hard/long on any one particular song, I hopped around from working on one piece to another so I could keep it fun and interesting, rather than tedious. I eventually got many more tunes (close to finished) than can fit on one CD, so I started a second "album." 
Although the word "Rock" is in the title, here again, there are various genres. At some point, I will have to assign them to appropriate album groupings.


"Pretty Smooth"

I also wrote some softer, smoother, prettier songs – New Age, Ambient, Chill, even Meditative. 

I have around 12 of these started.  If I complete enough of these, it might make more sense to have a full album of this style, rather than tossing these in with my other albums. 


Moon Dance

Written by Van Morrison
Arranged and Produced by Ray Hix
Horn Arrangement by Jonathan Hunkins and Ray Hix

Lisa Rankin: Vocals
Ray Hix: Guitar, Violin  

Yeah, this is my arrangement of that timeless classic, Moon Dance, by Van Morrison.